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PVC/Azek Decking May Be The Perfect Choice For Your Home

Azek DeckingMany homeowners who are looking to install decks in their backyards or around their pools want ones that will require as little maintenance as possible. K.P. LaMarco & Associates has a solution: Azek PVC decking.

Azek decking is the best ultra-low-maintenances material on the market. Homeowners choose it for many other reasons:

  • Azek is durable. It does not fade in color or scratch easily.
  • Decking from Azek will not stain if things that are commonly spilled on decks, such as barbecue grease, oil, or wine, are spilled on it.
  • Azek is made in light colors, which keep heat absorption to a minimum.
  • Azek decking material is easy to install. It does not split easily or mushroom, is easy to cut, and can be routed and sanded just like wood. The material can be surface screwed with regular deck screws or stainless steel screws. Since the material does not mushroom, special composite fastener screws are not necessary. Cortex screws with plugs can be used to make the screws virtually invisible. Tiger pro clips can be used to hide the fasteners.
  • Azek has minimal expansion and contraction rates, which keeps the joints in perfect alignment.
  • 15 percent of the content in Azek decking material is made from Flax, which gives it a natural appearance, low expansion and contraction rates, and structural integrity.
  • Since Azek is not a co-extruded material (a material with an outer shell and inner fill), the layers cannot separate the way they can with other materials in high-traffic areas or during cutting or drilling.

K.P. LaMarco & Associates has installed many decks at homes in Connecticut using durable, ultra-low-maintenance Azek material. Homeowners love its attractive appearance and easy care.


Contact us today at (203) 415-6773 to find out more about how we can build a deck with Azek material so you can enjoy your backyard or pool when the weather turns warmer.

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Linda McAllister Homeowner, Middletown, CT
I couldn’t be happier with the entire process and the financing terms made this extremely affordable.

Kevin, thanks for the excellent job rebuilding our deck. I couldn’t be happier with the entire process and the financing terms made this extremely affordable. All the best!

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